We need to do more!

Good morning,

I hope you all are well.  I’ve taken a couple days off of writing because I’ve been busy living.   Just kidding I’m always busy living.   Sunday we had family staying with us so we were busy having family time and yesterday I was working from home and dealing with being a little under the weather. Nothing to serious just the slight case of a runny nose and constant sneezing.

Today I’m back at it and ready to go.   The snow is falling and it’s beautiful outside.   This weekend I continued reading The Book of Joy and it’s really amazing.   Yesterday as the nation celebrated Martin Luther King day it definitely felt different to me.   I feel that I was more aware of things these days and more connected to things that really matter.    Yesterday I posted an amazing painting of MLK hushing President Trump on Instagram.

“My Brother’s Keeper.” Artist Watson Mere is an American born Artist of Haitian descent who lives in Philadelphia.


In my sharing of stories and my journey I hardly ever write about politics and I’m not going to start, but this painting really is powerful and inspiring.   We as humans are so quick to respond to things and argue a point, but what if we all could just slow down and think about the impact.   There are close to seven billion people in this world.  We are all human beings that are all connected in one way or another.  We all want to live life with freedom, equality and to be happy.  The question is how do we get there? I personally feel like it’s teaching people about how far we have come and much further we need to go.  People like MLK did so much for this world and we need more people to do things that create positivity for humankind.  I’m looking at success very differently these days.  I used to look at it as a measure of corporate growth or having a career development. Yes that is one component to make a life, but far from the most important at all. I was measuring success completely wrong. I want my success to be measured in the way I make this world a better place day by day.   I want to have a positive impact on others.   Wether it’s creating new job opportunities for others that can help their families or help others. Maybe it’s helping someone to look at a situation from a different perspective. Maybe it’s even sharing something about myself that has made me look at things differently. If I can touch you today in a way that makes a difference in your day and that to me is a success. 

How will you be successful today? What will be your legacy?

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