Hey, today you’re 70!!

Good morning,


Today is a very special day.   Today in 1948 my dad was born.   I write today to share how special he is to so many people including myself, my wife and my kids.     In 1980 at the age of 32, my father and my whole family immigrated to the United States from then the Soviet Union.  I couldn’t imagine how difficult it would have been.  For example, if 5 years ago I moved to a country where I didn’t really know the culture or the language it would have been very difficult.   On top of it, I was about to have a kid a month right after arriving in a foreign land.    I can imagine the stress and the perseverance this whole life transition took.    My dad as a father is very loving and is always there when you need him.  He is a selfless man that will give you whatever you need love, support, financial help.  You name it he’s got your back.   The past couple years I’ve watched my father be a loving and supportive son to my grandmother, he has been this way throughout his whole life, but maybe since i’ve become a parent I started to notice it more.  It made me think that he is a better man than me because I don’t know if I will ever have that type of capacity to be there for others like he was for my grandmother.   He really showed me what love and respect was.  We can all show more love and respect for our parents.   Yes at times we might not agree with them or they might do something that upsets us.  We have to remember that love is what brought us all together and life is to short to let things get in the way of that love.  My grandmother passed away just shy of her 97th birthday.   My dad was an only child and I saw how difficult it was to see him go through this.  It made me realize that life goes full circle, we as kids have our parents take care of us so it’s only fitting to do the same for our parents as they need it.  I would always ask my dad why don’t you put your mom in a home and have someone take care of her.   He would tell me, she took care of me when I was a child and I was sick,  I need to take care of her.  This is the type of man my father is.   As I write this I start to develop tears in my eyes, because it’s heartwarming to know that my dad has such a huge heart.  I hope that I can grow into a man that can be as kind and as patient with some many.   As a career my dad is an electrical engineer, he has been doing this his whole life.  He is very successful in this career not only is he smart but he has the work ethic and attention to detail that I wish I had more of.   My father always wanted to be an actor, when he was young he was involved in writing and performance arts.  He is very creative and has amazing artistic abilities.    I remember if I needed something drawn in school I would ask my dad to do it for me.  One time in 8th Grade I was doing a project on the Taj Mahal and he drew me an exact replica by hand.  It was truly amazing.   My father as a fan of mine: He would come to as many sporting events that he could.  Growing up I played a lot of sports; soccer, hockey, volleyball, basketball, karate and he would be there for all of them.  Dad thanks for always being there for me, It really meant and means a lot to me.  I remember my dad moving me into college and helping me get my fraternity room ready.   That was almost 16 years ago.  Wow, time really does fly.  Today my dad is a loving grandpa to my kids and it’s really amazing to see how much love is present in the relationship my kids have with my dad.  It really melts my heart to see the excitement that my kid express when they find out my dad is coming to watch them.   Over the years my father has been a great friend to so many and it shows the long-lasting friendship that he has had with some many.   I love that my dad will call me to say HI.  Dad thanks for calling me and just checking in.   You have taught me so much and I hope to continue to learn from you.   May today be a day we celebrate the man, father, grandpa, and friend you are and continue for many many years to come.  I love you and I hope we can celebrate many joyful occasions together.



Celebrate your loved ones today and every day!!! 

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