I’m just heartbroken today!

Today I’m really struggling with what has happened here in Chicago and in Florida.  Both touch me in a way that is so different.  One thing is a local one that happened steps away from my wife’s old office and another one is hard to fathom because I’m a parent.  We as parents send our kids to school because we want them to learn and we hope that they are safe at school.  I don’t have to worry that my kids aren’t safe at school.  How can this keep on happening?  How can we not have higher standards of security at all schools no matter where we live?  Kids should go to school feeling safe.   How do you find comfort in these situations?  I don’t know.  Maybe it sharing the stories of courage and talking about people that are willing to put their lives at risk to protect others.  Focusing on good humanity that is not selfish.

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Like the story of the A football coach who also worked as a security guard is among the dead in a school shooting that claimed 17 lives in Parkland, Florida.
The football program at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tweeted that assistant coach Aaron Feis died while selflessly shielding students.
The tweet ended: “He died a hero and he will forever be in our hearts and memories.”
Along with protecting them from gunfire, students say Feis told others to get back in classrooms.

Today I ask you to really think about what you can do to really provide our children a safe place to learn.  I remember I never feared to go to school growing up. This age of gun violence and mental health issues make it really hard to be a parent and a kid.   Life is already complicated enough and it makes me feel ill to think we can’t do anything to change anything.  I’m pissed, upset, terrified today!

I’m one person that maybe can reach someone that will do something about this.  I’m hoping someone will get fed up and take a stance.  Its never to late but we can’t keep on living in this type of society.   We need to learn from our mistakes and how to be better with each other and maybe we can prevent people killing kids and cops.

Please help!


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