Who is with me? I need your help.

Good morning,

As tomorrow we honor our presidents with Presidents’ Day. I’m honoring Donald Trump in a different way.

I am going to start something new for the next 365 days till the next Presidents’ Day. I’m going to send tweets to Donald Trump everyday until I get some kind of response. I don’t want a response we are working on it. I want to see action. Please help me and do the same. If we stand up and get together we can make a difference. This has to be done. Our youth can not live in a country that is bought. A country that is bought by lobbyists that help organizations make products that kill the American dream and the prosperity of peace. This is not about being a republican or a democrat, this is about being a human. We are all born good and know the value of life. The value of life in recent years has been diminished by words and no actions. Tragedy after tragedy occur and nothing different happens. Today is the day something different needs to happen. Life is worth more than anything. We only get one chance.

We can’t teach these types of values.

Today I watched Emma Gonzalez a student from Stoneman Douglas High-school deliver a speech that made me make a shift in my being.

The link is below.


This speech is powerful and should be heard by everybody. Tomorrow I’m getting involved in my kids school to make sure that all the kids in their school are protected. Even if the money has to come out of my pocket. I’m taking a stand, I’m taking a stand to make sure kids are not scared to go to school. To make sure we let them learn and develop in peaceful calm place. We want to have this be a better country with people that are kind and loving. Well the key is to protect the future that is able to learn and the people that are teaching them.

Today stand with me. Help me help the ones that lost their voices. We need to keep their voices alive!

One thought on “Who is with me? I need your help.

  1. these children shall have not died in vain!

    leave it to the kids to take action…..that young woman’s plea took my breath away….Ellen


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