The 365 Project.

Today I share with you one of my plans. The past couple days I’ve been thinking about trying to make a difference regarding violence in schools. I’m going to make a difference by using my words. I’m going to share the stories of the people that have fallen victim to gun violence. Everyday I will tweet president Trump with a name and a story. I hope my words will help him realize this needs to be really addressed with action not just thought and prayers. I’m asking for you help also. Like many other people I don’t know how to make a difference when our own government doesn’t see the awful and horrific outcomes that continue to destroy the lives of so many. Today I said this to Trump.

Today I say it’s enough. It’s Enough that we don’t learn from our mistakes and keep on sweeping issues under the rug and not addressing them. It’s enough that innocent people have already lost their voices. I want to be their voice. You should want to be their voice. I’m far from perfect and I’ve made many mistakes in my past. I won’t be silent because so many have already been silenced. It’s okay to scream with frustration. WE NEED TO BE HEARD! Be heard!

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