Today I’m making it happen.

Good morning,

Today I woke up at 6 am to give myself time to be present with the things I needed to accomplish. This morning there was No snoozing for me. I learned that snoozing is probably the worst thing you can do. What I learned yesterday is that when we hit the snooze button and close our eyes that our brain thinks we are going back to bed. Meaning we go back into a short term sleep cycle. Usually after 4 am the sleep cycles are a lot shorter,anywhere from 90-120 minutes. If you happen to fall asleep it will probably take your brain about 90-120 minutes to reboot from the sleep cycle. Which is probably why my mornings are really rough on me and everyone around me. Today I got out of bed right away and I felt a big difference in the morning. Tomorrow morning try not to snooze. Just get going from the beginning. You will feel a lot better and less tired. You will be able to accomplish so much!

Today I continued with my Tweets to President Trump.

Please help the kids that are taking a stand. This is our next generation and I want help. You should want to help. That is the core of humanity, Helping others!

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