54321 and move

This morning,

My alarm rang at 6 am and no snoozing for me. I woke up and got ready to start my day. I’ve been reading this book and also listening to it on audible. The name of this book is The Second Rule by Mel Robins.

This book is great and will help you achieve a lot of great things. I have been trying my best to follow all the things that I learned from it. Slowly I’m starting to really notice a difference. I highly recommend it.

Today I kept my word and tweeted president Trump again. Below are my words to him.

Yesterday I watched the kids and parents of Marjory Stoneman Douglas. It broke my heart to see the pain and fear these Kids and parents had in their eyes. I also noticed the courage they had. The courage to say this needs to stop because they are really fed up with this BS. I hope Donald Trump really heard what the kids and parents were saying. The kids that are speaking are the next generation of voters. One way or another they will make a difference. I hope we don’t have to wait for that time. We need things done now. President Obama also did not do enough after Sandy Hook. We need something done now. I’m going to get involved in my kids school so I can make a difference. If everyone does something we can make a difference. Stand UP for Humanity.

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