Rough conversation

Good morning,

Yesterday evening as we were eating dinner with our kids they told us about their school day. They went through their daily activities and then they got to the lockdown training. It really threw me off track. I wasn’t prepared to have a conversation with my five year olds about why they needed to do this. The only thing I wanted to be clear with them is that the needed to be able to listen in those situations. Yesterday really put brought this situation regarding school safety front in center for me. Today I’m meeting with a fellow parent to discuss how I will get involved. I’m getting involved because I don’t want my kids to be scared to go to school. Their only focus should be to learn, develop as great humans and play as kids. Today I will take the steps and give my time to try to make a difference. Instead of bringing in a new customer or creating a business opportunity for someone else today I’m focusing on the kids, not just my kids but your kids.

This weekend will be spent embracing the good in my life. Spending time with my wife, kids and close friends. Life is not a given. I’m creating purpose in my life and I’m proud of things I do daily. I am proud of the thoughts that I share and the words that might make a difference to someone. Be proud of yourself for the things you do and if you want to do more. You can do more. We can all do more for others. Today I am!

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