A new week the same problem.

Good morning,

The past couple days I’ve taken some time off of writing. I can share that I have been getting up most morning at 6 am without snoozing. I really notice a huge difference in my being. I feel like I complete a lot more throughout my day. I’ve also started to create lists in the morning to accomplish everything that I need to do. I’m doing a lot more planning which is making my life more calm even though there is a lot going on. Last Friday I had a wonderful meeting with a women who has a kid in the same school as my kids. She is helping guide me on who to chat with regarding my plans to get involved. I’m really excited about how I will contribute to our kids and our community.

I have also not given up on tweeting Donald Trump.

I still can’t stop thinking about the families in Parkland, Florida. We can’t not forget and we can not be silent. I have been really watching this and I hope it will be the time when something different will happen. Some companies are choosing to cut their tides with the NRA, this week certain politicians are threading to take away certain tax breaks. Our government is broken where they punish companies trying to make a difference. Today be present and take a stances. No more people have to die. Our kids need to be protected in school.

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