Look around.

Today we get to go read a book in my daughters class. She is the star of the week and what a special week it’s been. The week of my kids turning six. We celebrate milestones. Everyday should be a celebration in your life. Our days are not given and we should never take them for granted. I try to live my days to their fullest. Sometimes it’s easier than others, but I make a real effort. We hear stories of tragedy and it’s a scary world we live in, but I try not to let fear hold me back in living. Today don’t let fear hold you back. The sun is shining and the sky is blue. Take a deep breath and notice how you are alive. Stop and feel life in you and around you. We go and go and at times we forget to feel and see the beauty of life. Today remember you get to live and experience life. Yes sometimes it’s hard but without hardships their can’t be growth. Flower start off ugly and they become beautiful.

Focus on the positive!

Today I continue to send President Trump tweets. I will not stop until their is some kind of response. Please help. This is for our future as a society.

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