Will this pass?

Good morning,
Today I’m sitting here thinking about how my day will be.  I will make my day be filled with positivity.  The past couple days it’s been really hard to be positive because I’ve been tired, overwhelmed with life hurt physically and emotionally.     I really need to remember the saying this too shall pass.   I will get more rest by trying to get to bed earlier.  I will start prioritizing more on what is important in my life currently.   I will start asking for help were I need help from others.   Additionally, I’ve been running so much that I have hurt my foot and I really need to find a different way to release my stress.  I’ve also have been struggling with kind communication with others, especially with loved ones.   The past couple of weeks I haven’t thought about the things that I am grateful for.   I really have been wondering around feeling filled with too much noise and inner monologue that is negative.   I haven’t been as kind and positive as I have been in the past.  I have been slow to move forward and get past things.  I’ve been failing at the things have provided me with the progress that I first made. I feel burnt out.  Since October I have been working on changing a lot of aspects of my life and I feel like I have made a lot of great progress but I still have a lot of work to do.  I need to be better at expressing myself in person.  I can’t just express myself on here or on paper, I need to be better at expressing my feelings in person.  I think we all have something that we can work on to make our lives better.   I’m constantly working on trying to pause and be thoughtful about how I communicate with others.  When my feelings are hurt I struggle with communicating in a productive way.  I really need to work on this aspect of my life not only for myself but to improve all my relationships.   Half the problem is knowing the mistakes you have made and knowing what you need to do.

I’m planning on regaining my positive mindfulness. 

The past two nights I have started to meditate longer which I feel is a good start to create more space for my thoughts and my clarity.

Every morning I will create a list of gratitude to empower me.

I will practice being kind to everyone no matter how they treat me.  Killing them with kindness is a practice that I will make part of my being.

I will not judge people.

I will go back to being dry because I found that the absence of alcohol has provided me with clarity and more calmness.

I will continue avoiding screen time from mobile devices at night.

I will be patient with people of all ages and backgrounds.

I will read books, listen to music and exercise my spirituality through mind and body.

Today is the day I am putting in the work to be better and continue on improving me.

What will you do today? 

images (5)

Hopefully, at the end of the road, there is some light.

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