Spring break is over, back to work!

This morning the kids are back to school and it feels like we are back to reality.    My reality is I need to find more time in my day to do things that are important to me.  Blogging every day might not be possible with everything that is going on with life, but maybe I can find a couple days a week to do it.  Last Thursday night while the kids were staying with my parent in the suburbs.  My wife and I went out to dinner with one of her co-workers and her fiance.  Prior to dinner, we met up at a new restaurant by her office to have some time together.   It’s so important to do that and we need to be better at doing that.   I want to make us a priority again which is very hard when you have two working parents trying to raise small children.  I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this dilemma.

As we were leaving I noticed someone I might a couple times in the past through work and networking event, it was a gentleman that worked in the Chicago Police department, who was on the mayor’s detail.  I quickly told my wife I was going to go talk to him and walked over to him to say hello.  I told him I was with my wife and he joined us for a couple minutes to chat.  It turns out he now runs his own security consulting company.   I told him how I’m getting involved with my kid’s School in regards to safety and security.  I told him I wanted to chat with him about how he could get involved and he said absolutely. We traded contact information and he told me to email him.  Friday I sent him an email and we are having lunch to discuss a couple things this Thursday.   I’m a believer in just going up to people and talking to them.  I believe in taking risks.  I believe that timing is everything.   I’m working on many new things, but most of all I’m excited to give my time to things that make a difference.   I’m making a difference that will bring more value than any business or paycheck.  What are you doing?


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