Opening day in Chicago.

Good morning,
As the Cubs get ready to play their first home game at Wrigley today a day after they were supposed too.  today I look out the window and I see the sun shining and the sky is blue.   What a difference a day makes!!!   Yesterday was April 9th and the weather was cold and snowy.    Today is a different day!   You can feel the excitement building in our neighborhood this morning.  I have a lot of new customers in our neighborhood around the ballpark.  Yesterday I visited a lot of them during the afternoon and it was awesome to see how many people were out and enjoying themselves even though the baseball game got rescheduled.  You can not replicate the vibrant atmosphere of our neighborhood anywhere in the city of Chicago.  It’s really a great place to live.  We are constantly asked why we don’t want to move to burbs.  The answer is the energy of our neighborhood is unreal.  Yes its busy during the baseball season, but the hustle and bustle is life.

The players yesterday were out on the field playing in the snow and enjoying the time together.  It looked like it was a nice change of pace for them.  We all need a change of pace in our lives.   Today smile more and don’t let the unexpected plan get in the way of your true happiness.  SMILE!!!!


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