A new week the same problem.

Good morning,

The past couple days I’ve taken some time off of writing. I can share that I have been getting up most morning at 6 am without snoozing. I really notice a huge difference in my being. I feel like I complete a lot more throughout my day. I’ve also started to create lists in the morning to accomplish everything that I need to do. I’m doing a lot more planning which is making my life more calm even though there is a lot going on. Last Friday I had a wonderful meeting with a women who has a kid in the same school as my kids. She is helping guide me on who to chat with regarding my plans to get involved. I’m really excited about how I will contribute to our kids and our community.

I have also not given up on tweeting Donald Trump.

I still can’t stop thinking about the families in Parkland, Florida. We can’t not forget and we can not be silent. I have been really watching this and I hope it will be the time when something different will happen. Some companies are choosing to cut their tides with the NRA, this week certain politicians are threading to take away certain tax breaks. Our government is broken where they punish companies trying to make a difference. Today be present and take a stances. No more people have to die. Our kids need to be protected in school.

I’m doing something.

Yesterday I took the steps to get involved with my kids school. I’m going to try to make a difference by being the voice and sharing my passion to make this world a better place one day at a time. Right now I’m sitting in the lobby of my daughters dance studio thinking about Jamie Guttenberg. She was 14 and her life was cut short at her high school. Her father is the one who confronted Marco Rubio at the town hall meeting. Jamie was a girl who loved life and loved to dance. Today I feel connected to her family because of the passion she had for life. The same passion my kids show me everyday for the love they have for sport, art,music and life. She had a strong passion for dance and expression. I want to make a difference in this world for others that want to live and love life. Living by showcasing their inner beauty through passion of really being alive. We need to make more kids able to express themselves in positive ways and avoid the violence in society. If your kids are not doing something to fulfill themselves with something positive please help them find it, It so important. As parents we live very busy lives that are hard, but our kids need an outlet. Television and video games are not the outlets that create caring loving Kids or adults. These activities create the opposite.

Today I tweeted President Trump for the sixth straight day.

Today live life fully. The weekends are busy because energy is focused on family and being together. The weekends go by so fast. Be present and take the time to appreciate what you have in-front of you. No matter what, if you are reading this you can find something you are grateful for.

Be grateful today!

Rough conversation

Good morning,

Yesterday evening as we were eating dinner with our kids they told us about their school day. They went through their daily activities and then they got to the lockdown training. It really threw me off track. I wasn’t prepared to have a conversation with my five year olds about why they needed to do this. The only thing I wanted to be clear with them is that the needed to be able to listen in those situations. Yesterday really put brought this situation regarding school safety front in center for me. Today I’m meeting with a fellow parent to discuss how I will get involved. I’m getting involved because I don’t want my kids to be scared to go to school. Their only focus should be to learn, develop as great humans and play as kids. Today I will take the steps and give my time to try to make a difference. Instead of bringing in a new customer or creating a business opportunity for someone else today I’m focusing on the kids, not just my kids but your kids.

This weekend will be spent embracing the good in my life. Spending time with my wife, kids and close friends. Life is not a given. I’m creating purpose in my life and I’m proud of things I do daily. I am proud of the thoughts that I share and the words that might make a difference to someone. Be proud of yourself for the things you do and if you want to do more. You can do more. We can all do more for others. Today I am!

54321 and move

This morning,

My alarm rang at 6 am and no snoozing for me. I woke up and got ready to start my day. I’ve been reading this book and also listening to it on audible. The name of this book is The Second Rule by Mel Robins.

This book is great and will help you achieve a lot of great things. I have been trying my best to follow all the things that I learned from it. Slowly I’m starting to really notice a difference. I highly recommend it.

Today I kept my word and tweeted president Trump again. Below are my words to him.

Yesterday I watched the kids and parents of Marjory Stoneman Douglas. It broke my heart to see the pain and fear these Kids and parents had in their eyes. I also noticed the courage they had. The courage to say this needs to stop because they are really fed up with this BS. I hope Donald Trump really heard what the kids and parents were saying. The kids that are speaking are the next generation of voters. One way or another they will make a difference. I hope we don’t have to wait for that time. We need things done now. President Obama also did not do enough after Sandy Hook. We need something done now. I’m going to get involved in my kids school so I can make a difference. If everyone does something we can make a difference. Stand UP for Humanity.

Today I’m making it happen.

Good morning,

Today I woke up at 6 am to give myself time to be present with the things I needed to accomplish. This morning there was No snoozing for me. I learned that snoozing is probably the worst thing you can do. What I learned yesterday is that when we hit the snooze button and close our eyes that our brain thinks we are going back to bed. Meaning we go back into a short term sleep cycle. Usually after 4 am the sleep cycles are a lot shorter,anywhere from 90-120 minutes. If you happen to fall asleep it will probably take your brain about 90-120 minutes to reboot from the sleep cycle. Which is probably why my mornings are really rough on me and everyone around me. Today I got out of bed right away and I felt a big difference in the morning. Tomorrow morning try not to snooze. Just get going from the beginning. You will feel a lot better and less tired. You will be able to accomplish so much!

Today I continued with my Tweets to President Trump.

Please help the kids that are taking a stand. This is our next generation and I want help. You should want to help. That is the core of humanity, Helping others!

The 365 Project.

Today I share with you one of my plans. The past couple days I’ve been thinking about trying to make a difference regarding violence in schools. I’m going to make a difference by using my words. I’m going to share the stories of the people that have fallen victim to gun violence. Everyday I will tweet president Trump with a name and a story. I hope my words will help him realize this needs to be really addressed with action not just thought and prayers. I’m asking for you help also. Like many other people I don’t know how to make a difference when our own government doesn’t see the awful and horrific outcomes that continue to destroy the lives of so many. Today I said this to Trump.

Today I say it’s enough. It’s Enough that we don’t learn from our mistakes and keep on sweeping issues under the rug and not addressing them. It’s enough that innocent people have already lost their voices. I want to be their voice. You should want to be their voice. I’m far from perfect and I’ve made many mistakes in my past. I won’t be silent because so many have already been silenced. It’s okay to scream with frustration. WE NEED TO BE HEARD! Be heard!

Who is with me? I need your help.

Good morning,

As tomorrow we honor our presidents with Presidents’ Day. I’m honoring Donald Trump in a different way.

I am going to start something new for the next 365 days till the next Presidents’ Day. I’m going to send tweets to Donald Trump everyday until I get some kind of response. I don’t want a response we are working on it. I want to see action. Please help me and do the same. If we stand up and get together we can make a difference. This has to be done. Our youth can not live in a country that is bought. A country that is bought by lobbyists that help organizations make products that kill the American dream and the prosperity of peace. This is not about being a republican or a democrat, this is about being a human. We are all born good and know the value of life. The value of life in recent years has been diminished by words and no actions. Tragedy after tragedy occur and nothing different happens. Today is the day something different needs to happen. Life is worth more than anything. We only get one chance.

We can’t teach these types of values.

Today I watched Emma Gonzalez a student from Stoneman Douglas High-school deliver a speech that made me make a shift in my being.

The link is below.


This speech is powerful and should be heard by everybody. Tomorrow I’m getting involved in my kids school to make sure that all the kids in their school are protected. Even if the money has to come out of my pocket. I’m taking a stand, I’m taking a stand to make sure kids are not scared to go to school. To make sure we let them learn and develop in peaceful calm place. We want to have this be a better country with people that are kind and loving. Well the key is to protect the future that is able to learn and the people that are teaching them.

Today stand with me. Help me help the ones that lost their voices. We need to keep their voices alive!

Enough already!

Today as I prepare to go to my kids school to read a book with with my wife in front of a room full of kindergartens I can’t stop thinking about this week. The tragedy that occurred in Parkland,Florida is really the straw that should have broken the camels back.

People are so quick to just send prayers and thoughts, and start debating politics on social media. This is not enough. We as humans have to be outraged. We need change not by just words, prayers or thoughts.

ESPN shared the below story.

— A day after the tragic mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Chicago Cubs star Anthony Rizzo called for change.

“While I don’t have all the answers, I know that something has to change, before this is visited on another community, and another community, and another community,” Rizzo, a 2007 graduate of the school, said Thursday night at a candlelight vigil for the victims of Wednesday’s massacre.

I’ve included the link to the video of the speech below. It inspired me and shows the real effects it has with people even that have everything going for them. Tragedy like this touches everyone.

Anthony Rizzo’s speech

As I went to my kids school and checked in with the security guard I wanted to extend my hand and introduce myself to him. I thanked him for doing what he does. I shared a moment with him. He does something not to just earn a living but protects our youth. Protect the future of our community and the learning process of hope humanity. He protects my kids. Today made me want to do something to help him. I showed him my gratitude and I will keep on showing him my gratitude. Today show people that support you and protect you how much it means to you. Show them your heart. Show them how much you appreciate them.

I’m just heartbroken today!

Today I’m really struggling with what has happened here in Chicago and in Florida.  Both touch me in a way that is so different.  One thing is a local one that happened steps away from my wife’s old office and another one is hard to fathom because I’m a parent.  We as parents send our kids to school because we want them to learn and we hope that they are safe at school.  I don’t have to worry that my kids aren’t safe at school.  How can this keep on happening?  How can we not have higher standards of security at all schools no matter where we live?  Kids should go to school feeling safe.   How do you find comfort in these situations?  I don’t know.  Maybe it sharing the stories of courage and talking about people that are willing to put their lives at risk to protect others.  Focusing on good humanity that is not selfish.

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Like the story of the A football coach who also worked as a security guard is among the dead in a school shooting that claimed 17 lives in Parkland, Florida.
The football program at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tweeted that assistant coach Aaron Feis died while selflessly shielding students.
The tweet ended: “He died a hero and he will forever be in our hearts and memories.”
Along with protecting them from gunfire, students say Feis told others to get back in classrooms.

Today I ask you to really think about what you can do to really provide our children a safe place to learn.  I remember I never feared to go to school growing up. This age of gun violence and mental health issues make it really hard to be a parent and a kid.   Life is already complicated enough and it makes me feel ill to think we can’t do anything to change anything.  I’m pissed, upset, terrified today!

I’m one person that maybe can reach someone that will do something about this.  I’m hoping someone will get fed up and take a stance.  Its never to late but we can’t keep on living in this type of society.   We need to learn from our mistakes and how to be better with each other and maybe we can prevent people killing kids and cops.

Please help!