People to Know

Rich Kellner


Rich just celebrated his 51st birthday on November 3rd.  Back in late October, I was able to spend some great quality time with Rich and his wife.   He is related to my wife and I’ve known Rich for a good amount of time.  Through my journey lately, I’m starting to see things differently and see people how they truly are, kind and selfless.  This is what can I say about Rich, he is a selfless man, he would not only give you a shirt off his back, he is willing to donate an organ.   Back in 2013 his wife needed a Kidney transplant.  He decided he was going to give her his kidney.  Unfortunately, Rich was rejected because he was hypertensive and prediabetic.    He decided that enough was enough so he started his journey of wellness so he could be his wife’s donor.  Over the next six months through dedication and love for his wife Rich lost close to 50 pounds.  His willpower and fight to be there for the love of his life made him accomplish something that turned out to change him also.  Rich now is probably in the best shape of his life. He is an avid cyclist and skier.  Rich really inspires me on not only his work ethic but his care for humanity.  Rich is an inspirational man. In these times when so many men aren’t standing up for humanity, he is!   I’m grateful to know him  and learn from him

Thank you for being you!!!